Antlers and a Question - UPDATE December 29, 2017

A question passed on by the moderators is: “As I understand it, deer shed their antlers in the January/February time and start the regrow in March/April, reaching full growth about August. Am I right that this same pattern will happen for the one-antler guy that is a photo favorite?10-pt buck10-pt buck

I believe so. The shedding has already started. The Fork-Horned buddy of Broken Antler showed up today missing an antler. We’ll see when he loses his other antler and when Broken Antler sheds his antler and the stub that remains of the other.

The big 10-point buck still has both of his antlers. He showed up with a snowy face as if snow fell on his face as he pushed by a snowy branch.

A doe took the prize for most aggressive today. She chased other does maybe 40 feet before stopping and watching them flee as the camera clicked.

Fork HornFork Horn Broken AntlerBroken Antler Aggressive doeAggressive doe

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center