Deer Drama, Courses Filling - UPDATE December 14, 2017

At a neighbor’s place today, deer buddies sparred, wanting to push with their antlers. I knew a captive buck that liked to push on people with his antlers, and I had to hold the antlers to keep them from poking. Deer buddiesDeer buddiesWatching the deer today, it was interesting how the antlers are designed to prevent injury in this kind of sparring. The brow tine usually prevents the points from hitting the head or an eye. Unlike the little buck with the broken antler that dominates the does and fawns here, these big-antlered deer were well-mannered “gentlebucks” toward the others. When it was time to eat, the two sparring buddies ate from the same upside-down barrel while they continued to push a bit.

It is nice to see the Black Bear Field Courses filling up. I’m looking forward to them. Seventeen slots are still open. Three slots are still open in the convenient course of July 22-25 that immediately follows the LilyPad Picnic. The course of July 29-August 1 has only one person if anyone is thinking of coming as a family or group. Click here for more info.

At the Bear Center, some were wondering how long it would take Rocky the Red Squirrel to find the new feeder on the Honey Tree and do his high wire act to get to it. He was on there a lot today. I’m not sure if he found it yesterday or today.

Deer sparring  Deer spurring  Deer spurring 
Deer sparring

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center