The Cards Are In! - UPDATE November 18, 2017

Our very own designer, Linda Gibson, who also posts these updates, did another bang-up job. There are separate cards for Ted, Lucky, Holly, and Tasha, each with their own picture on the outside and saying inside.Ted (single design) These will all be together in a pack. Ted also has his own card to be sold in packs of just Ted. They tell me they will be ready to order on Tuesday.

On another note, the Black Bear Field Classes are a little over half full—35 out of 64 slots full. Oddly, the prime class for July 22-25, which starts at the end of the LilyPad Picnic, has nobody.

Thank you again for the donations for the Cub Room through GiveMN—about 375 donors from 43 states and 5 foreign countries gave 568 donations with most of you also covering the 6.9% that GiveMN takes. Plus, you put us up in 7th place for a $500 Leaderboard prize. Super. Net receipts will be $30,875! Thank you.

Multi-pack Holiday Cards
Ted (single design)Ted  Lucky (single design)Lucky  Holly (single design)Holly  Tasha (single design)Tasha 

Hairy woodpecker maleHairy woodpecker maleHere is a playlist of all 11 videos from the Give to the Max day programs

Hairy woodpecker male grabbing seedHairy woodpecker male grabbing seedOut the window, red squirrels made a tunnel down through the hard-packed crusted snow to some sunflower seeds. A hairy woodpecker wanted some, too. I didn’t know he would peck the snow to make the hole big enough for him. Soon, the woodpecker almost disappeared into the hole when it grabbed a seed.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center