M is for Mouse and More - UPDATE November 10, 2017

An alert Lily Mod spotted a mysterious M in the snow at the Bear Center and captured a picture with the PTZ cam. The foot tracks are red squirrels, but the lines are a mystery. They are the right size for a mouse plowing through soft snow. Did the mouse make an M for a clue? Deer with broken antlerDeer with broken antlerI would have thought it would be a vole, but if it’s M for mouse, I’ll go with that. A mystery of nature.

The sighting of Quill on November 5 turned out to be his last for the year. Two years in a row, he was the last bear to be seen in the community. November 18 last year and November 5 this year.

M for Mouse?M for Mouse?Out the window, I think the young buck with a broken antler is the same one that jabbed a young doe in the chest. It’s mating season. Could he have tangled with a more formidable set of antlers?

Deer around here typically shed antlers in late December, January, or February. This one just broke off.

It was a day of paperwork and cold with a starting temperature just below zero°F. 17°F now.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North