Ted’s Friends and My Friends - UPDATE November 9, 2017

Ted had a couple flying squirrel friends dashing about in his abode, and he didn’t seem to notice them. Hairy woodpeckerHairy woodpecker


Here at the WRI cabin, I try not to notice my little friends outside the window, but I’m not as accomplished as Ted is at that. Pine siskins have replaced redpolls and are sharing sunflower seeds with blue jays and even woodpeckers. The hairy woodpecker flew to the dead white pine with each sunflower seed heart and stuffed it into a crevice to peck it apart. Red squirrels burrowed under the snow for sunflower seeds and watched me between snow dives. Always intriguing.

Red squirrel tailRed squirrel tail Red squirrelRed squirrel
Pine siskinPine siskin ;Blue jayBlue jay


Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center