Bear Educator Intern Program 2018 - UPDATE October 24, 2017

Bear Educator Interns are one of the things that make North American Bear Center visitors happy and make the Bear Center a success. We’ll talk about another thing like that tomorrow. Today, we are announcing openings for 6 summer interns (May 24 to August 9) and 3 fall interns (August 5 to October 31). TedTedInterns now get $1,500, dormitory lodging, direct experience with bears, and more knowledge about bears than most biologists. They learn to share that knowledge with the public through public speaking and answering questions. Visitors gain knowledge and leave with good feelings about bears and the North American Bear Center. The bears gain lifelong advocates who never forget the bears they cared for and became attached to. Interns learn the 4 resident bears’ personalities and can’t help having favorites. Interns sometimes describe their internships as life-changing. Visitors often say the same about the Bear Center.

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To get a feel for the North American Bear Center bears, read the following from Curator Sharon Herrell:

Bear News – October 22, 2017

Holly and TashaHolly and TashaThe topic this week is reminiscing past events with the bears in pictures.

My first picture is Ted with all four paws in the air. How often do you see your dog lying on its back with its paws in the air? Ted is a remarkable bear and sometimes he does amazingly silly things that are comfortable to him.

The next picture is Lucky sitting in the cub tree. How he could have been comfortable is not for me to say but Lucky's reputation as a comedian always goes before him. Most visitors see his antics when he is throwing logs or moving the tree in the pond around. When you get to know Lucky as his caregivers know him, he is a very gentle bear. That of course is reserved for his caregivers; Holly and Tasha see him differently. Next spring all bears will be older and hopefully Lucky will see the females with new interest.

Lucky reaching for strawLucky reaching for strawA couple years ago Lucky was going to den in the small bunker. While still working on the small bunker, the larger bunker was opened. Lucky took all the straw he had put in the small bunker and moved it over to the large bunker. In the picture he was stretched in as far as he could reach to remove straw and add it to his new den.

The last picture is one of my personal favorites. I call it “The Conversation”. Holly and Tasha were having fun playing and mouthing each other. It looks like Holly is having words with Tasha but it was all in play.

I have a remarkable job working with remarkable bears.

Thank you,
Sharon Herrell
Bear Curator

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center