Color - UPDATE October 9, 2017

Entering the driveway to the research cabin, color greeted me. As I got out to snap a couple pictures, I noticed how big the Large-leaved Aster leaves had become. Tedon Oct. 8, 2017Ted on Oct. 8, 2017One was over 10 inches long and merited a picture. These are not bear food at this time of year, but for the first week or two that they are emerging from the soil in May, the little curled up fuzzy leaves are a favorite.

At the Bear Center, Intern John Liu caught a good picture of Ted sitting upright by the Pat Tree.

Today, Sharon told me she plans to let Tasha out alone each night to see where she wants to den. She seems to be picking space below the Cabin in her enclosure. We’ll see what she does with more choices, including the rock den down where Pond Chatters can zoom in on it with the Pond Cam.

We’ll also see if Lucky and Holly want to team up and share a den this winter. Will be interesting. I’m looking forward to hearing the developments from Sharon.

Driveway colorsDriveway colors Large-leaved asterLarge-leaved aster Driveway maple and aspenMaple and aspen

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center