Bear News - UPDATE September 25, 2017

From the desk of Sharon Herrell

On Saturday, Morgan, one of our summer interns, stopped by to visit the bears and the staff and to say hello. It was nice to see her. She was surprised at the Fall transition of our bears. TashaTashaShe reported to the other five summer interns how "furry and lethargic" the bears have gotten. Holly can barely lift her head.

Thank you to all that wanted to pay tribute to our sweet Honey bear by naming the new enrichment tree after her. In her honor and spirit, I'm sure she would have loved to chase the two younger bears around that tree.

HoneyHoneyTed had a short adventure out this past week. He was more than ready. His routine of coming out in the mornings may continue this week. Routines change with the bears needs, and right now as Holly is closing her season, Ted wants to spend some time out on the mound and visiting in the pond area. It is always a pleasure to accommodate the big guy.

Lucky has been entertaining visitors both here and online with his climbing antics. He waits for his caregivers to put treats on the tree feeder for him. It will be interesting once we get two feeders going to see if he gets both sets of treats.

Our little Tasha, who isn't so little anymore, is digging under the cabin den but she has also been seen near and around the dug den. She is a mysterious young bear with a mindset to do what she wants when she wants. Her personality is similar to Ted's.

Again, I want to thank all for honoring Honey by naming the new enrichment tree for her. I've included a picture of her smiling.

Sharon Herrell, Bear Curator

Thank you Sharon for all you do, and thanks to so many who do so much.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center