Who Will Den With Who? - UPDATE September 8, 2017

Sharon the Bear Curator saw interesting behavior today. She wrote, “Today, as soon as Holly was released into the big enclosure she walked Tasha mouthing HollyTasha mouthing Hollyquickly up to the small bunker and went inside. I tried to keep up with her, but I heard Lucky blow at her, and when I got there she was looking out from the inside of the small bunker (Lucky is in the big bunker). Just before 10:30 Tasha joined her but Tasha just walked around inside. Lucky blew at her, too. I am going to put some straw in the den to see if Holly and Tasha both work on gathering it.

A couple days ago during a Behind-The-Scenes, Ted approached the fence near the Haven. Tasha was there and grumbled but still wanted food and followed the intern toward Ted. The surprise was when Ted licked Tasha through the fence and she licked him back!”

Holly and TashaHolly and TashaDelightful progress. Will Holly den with Lucky again, or will she be playing with Tasha in the den next door this winter? Will Tasha come to enjoy Ted this fall? Heart-warming possibilities. I’m looking forward to more news to pass on about this.

Meanwhile, Holly and Tasha are playing with wild abandon to the delight of visitors. Staff caught Tasha mouthing Holly’s neck while Holly looked totally calm. Play bites are gentle, and play partners trust each other. Staff also caught Tasha on her back with Holly over her. All for fun. I’m glad to see these two bond like this, but I feel a little sorry for Lucky who I think feels somewhat rejected by Holly. We’ll see how their world turns.Gray Tree FrogGray Tree Frog

In her flower garden there, Donna took a picture of a tiny gray tree frog (that was temporarily green) adding color to a purple cone flower.

Out in the woods here, calm reigned. It’s turning out to be a nice time of year.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center