Timmy - UPDATE August 8, 2017

Timmy, a yearling that we’re not sure yet who his mother is, is becoming an interesting favorite.  Annies cubs by KrauseAnnies cubs
Photo by Glenn Krause
On August 2, he build a nest high in a white pine as we showed in the update (click to see photo). Now, that nest has become somewhat dilapidated with the winds we’ve had.  Annie and her 5 cubs photo by KrauseAnnie and her 5 cubs
Photo by Glenn Krause
Today, he started a nest maybe 4 feet away from it, bending and breaking branches as he did before.  One difference though, was that he built the other nest in the shade. Today, the sun was shining on that part of the tree, and we know that fur temperatures can soar in the sun.  He shortly gave up and found a branch in the shade to lie on.  British Journalist Tim Rogers took all the pictures of Timmy (short for Timid) except the one of him hidden in the branches with his foot on a branch at the new nest site. That was by Andrew Theodos.

Timmy making nest - photo by TheodosTimmy making nest
Photo by Theodos
Timmy looking down - photo by Tim RogersTimmy looking down 
Photo by Tim Rogers
 Timmy photo by Tim Rogers Timmy
Photo by Tim Rogers

Glenn Krause took the pictures of Annie’s 5 cubs.  One shows all of them in a row except a shy cub in the background.  The other picture shows all five cubs together but no Annie.  Annie is not a clan bear but who lives among them in the study area.  This is the first family of 5 cubs I’ve seen in all my studies.

Timmy photo by Tim RogersTimmy
Photo by Tim Rogers
  Yearling nest from 8/2/17Yearling nest from 8/2/17


It was a good, busy day with lots of laughs, bears, and learning.  Hate to see it end tomorrow.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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