Fun Group, Great Bears, Nice Reunion - UPDATE August 6, 2017

I knew it would be a fun group.  Two of them made it into their fifth Black Bear Field Course, and two made it into their second.  SophieSophieThis course also has Terry Hagenah who won the raffle for a spot in the course.

BraveheartBraveheartThe bears are doing their part in providing excitement.  Actually, excitement for me!  I was just asking around the neighborhood if anyone had seen 15-year-old Braveheart lately.  They hadn’t.  Then she showed up here.  I haven’t seen her for a couple years, I believe.  Same as ever.  A great reunion.  Bears are like elephants.  They don’t forget.  We gave her royal treatment. Her picture shows her looking concerned.  Something had scared her cub up a white pine—the cub with the look on its face.

Braveheart's cubBraveheart's cubThen a call came that sweet Sophie had arrived at another site.  We piled in the van.  Sophie was her usual trusting and trustworthy self.  Lily Fans will remember her as part of Juliet’s family of Sybil, Sophie, and Sam from 2012 when they were all in the BBC’s Planet Earth Live series and then in The Three Bears documentary.  She doesn’t realize she’s a celebrity.  She’s just plain nice.

LuckyLuckyThen we saw Daisy and her three cubs.  Next, Daisy’s mother Bow showed.  She was supposed to have cubs but didn’t.  I want to look closer to see if she really didn’t have cubs, or if her nipples show she had them but lost them.

At the Bear Center, Lucky got a treat in a Zup’s Food Market bag.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center