Holly, Lucky, Ted, Samantha, Fern - UPDATE May 16, 2017

Three days ago, Holly was frolicking with Lucky, her buddy. Now, when she is out of her pen the same time as Ted is out, Holly hangs out with him. Does Ted have the smell of a mating male on his shoulders, neck and crown? Holly and Lucky on May 13, 2017Holly and Lucky on May 13, 2017Sharon took a photo of them together this morning. After the photo was taken, Ted walked over to Holly to touch noses. Holly looked like she was going to reciprocate until Ted was within 6-10 inches and Holly chickened out. She pulled back and blew, showing anxiety. We’ll see what happens over the next few days while Tasha is confined.

Holly and TedHolly and TedLast night after dark, Samantha was grooming her yearlings, presumably to remove ticks. She was grunting her concern and working gently on the very compliant yearlings one after the other. Then they left together. Sometime later, toward midnight, a lone bear was spotted. No one knows if it was Samantha or a male. We’ll see what this family reveals tonight.

Fern and yearlings on May 13, 2017Fern and yearlings on May 13, 2017Last evening, Fern was seen playing with her three yearlings “like it was a picnic.” This evening, she arrived at that feeding station alone. One of her yearlings arrived and came toward her. Fern ran and disappeared. However, at another feeding site, Fern and her cubs have been seen separated off and on for several days now, so we’ll see what is reported next. The picture of them is from that feeding site on May 13.

Squirrel with notch in earSquirrel with notch in earOne of the tamer red squirrels posed showing the notch in her right ear that tells us it is her.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center