Signs of Spring - UPDATE March 20, 2017

Signs of spring include foot prints of Ted out foraging in his pen on this first day of spring, and an early riser visiting a bird feeder 3 miles north of Ely the evening of March 16.  Teds footprintsTeds footprintsToday, trumpeter swans were sitting on the ice of a lake just 5 miles from here.  No lakes are open around here yet.  

A Lily Fan asked about bread being bad for birds.  I hadnt heard that but looked it up.  Moldy bread is toxic to some birds.  

A Lily Fan asked if any bears have gone through life without having cubs.  I only know that in Ontario a bear had her first cubs as late as 11 years old. 

Out the window, birds looked good in the late afternoon light.  

20170318 Chickadee Red breasted nuthatch Red breasted nuthatch
Chickadee Red-breasted nuthatch Red-breasted nuthatch

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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