Play Day - UPDATE March 16, 2017

Play was the order of the day with Lucky and especially Holly as a Lily Fan captured in this 5:22 video and this 4:25 video Pine marten femalePine marten female

WoodchuckWoodchuckOut the window, the woodchuck posed for an ID head shot and an action shot of her (guessing “her”) bringing a huge mouthful of white pine needles to her burrow.

After dark, Ms Marten put in her trusting visit to the date mash just outside the window. She looks toward me to identify a “shhh” sound, but she ignores my spoken “Thank you.” She looked good in the deck light for the instant she deigned to glance my way. Anything human behind the window is inconsequential. I hope she keeps coming all summer.

Mr. Mink made a sneaky appearance too fast to grab a camera. He was checking for bacon, which disappeared earlier. We put more out after he moved on.

Woodchuck with beddingWoodchuck with beddingChickadee from 3/15/17Chickadee from 3/15/17Last night, I forgot to crop the picture of the chickadee with its blowing, lifting back feathers. I doubt if anyone could see it. Here it is cropped.

Heading home to see Juliet and cubs starring in Fight for Life: Bad News Black Bear that we taped.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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