Education, LilyPad Picnic, Slinky Mink - UPDATE January 31, 2017

This story and picture of education is one of the things driving me to get Den Cams back. I know they conflict with the DNR’s goal to recruit young hunters. Classroom - learning about bearsClassroom - learning about bearsYes, it is possible that students who grow up watching the Den Cams could like bears and not want to buy hunting licenses, but I believe it is important to share the truth about bears, and there is nothing better than letting people learn directly from the bears themselves Kindergarten studyKindergarten studyas through the Den Cams. As the judge said,

“Den cams have been highly praised in the scientific and educational communities for their contributions to the shared knowledge of bears in dens”

“The inability to utilize den cams presents not only an obvious loss to Dr. Rogers’ work, but a loss to the public and to the scientific community as well.” (Memo, p. 69, n. 429.)

I can’t praise teachers enough for stirring interest in the natural world and refuting common misconceptions. A major goal of the Bear Center’s Legacy Fund is to develop and support more of the very thing shown in these pictures. (click here to see the Kindergarten Study in full size)

Lily Fan license plateLily Fan license plateLily Fans have done a huge amount to educate about bears. That’s one of the reasons I so look forward to connecting with Lily Fans at the LilyPad Picnic that is coming up July 21-23 in Ely, MN, this year. I hope I spot this license plate on the car one of the picnickers will be driving.

Slinky MinkSlinky MinkHow small a hole can a slinky mink slink through? At dusk, the mink showed up too late for pictures, but we knew it was headed for the tiniest hole we believe a mink can squeeze through—just one and one eighth inch at the widest part. That’s less than 3 cm. I put the camera against the window and snapped a burst as the mink wriggled through —its bulky winter fur collapsing almost beyond belief. The hardest part was the back half, but it got everything through. If the camera takes 6 pictures a second as advertised, it did it in one and a half seconds. (We created an animated gif with Dr. Rogers' 10 images)

Thank you for all you do

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center