Groups and Speakers - UPDATE December 30, 2015

Black Bear Box in classroomBlack Bear Box in classroomWith 2015 almost over, the NABC staff and others are working hard to prepare the center for an even better visitor experience. We are educating via the written word, videos, pictures, and of course our four Ambassador bears. We want to make the visitor experience both fun and educational. In keeping with our educational mission we will always open the Bear Center (with advance notice) for groups of 15 or more. We are more than happy to create a program tailored to the group's interest, just give us a call at the NABC and let us know what you have in mind.

Visitors watching the bearsVisitors watching the bearsVisiting the NABC to view our Ambassador bears, read the exhibits and watch the videos is the best way to learn about bears, but that may not always be possible. For events, groups and classrooms we can also come to you.

Exploring the Black Bear BoxExploring the Black Bear BoxWe have speakers in a number of states, even countries, and we are happy to design a program specially for you. We also have Black Bear Boxes for classrooms K-12 that teachers can use in their classrooms, educating children through hands on learning. The Black Bear Boxes offer a wealth of information about black bears. More information can be found here: with loans for grades Pre-K - 6: and grades 7-12:

We are looking forward to another exciting year with additional exhibits to open the 2016 summer season.

Thank you for all you do.

NABC/WRI staff

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