Holly, Ice, Books - UPDATE December 13, 2015

Holly fixing the lensHolly fixing the lensHolly had the energy to pounce, probably toward the mouse or vole, and she had the curiosity to discombobulate the lens. The word we have is that Scott will fix it tomorrow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAhhb4da8xc

On ice thickness, Lily Fans were cautious about the rhyme a couple nights ago and sent recommendations to wait for thicker ice. They preferred the thicker ice recommended by the North Dakota Department of Game and Fish Ice Thickness - © ND Game & Fish DeptIce Thickness - © ND Game & Fish Dept Around here, people are pretty ice-conscious. When the ice gets thick enough, they save miles by driving directly across big lakes. Being on the cautious side, I wait for others to make that move.

While I’m anxious to write a book as soon as the Ecology Hall and Bear Center are in shape for next year, I look up to my friend Dr. Steve Stringham who has written 7 books about bears. My book will probably quote the following words from his Beauty Within the Beast: “In part because bears can be so dangerous, they force you to pay attention. Holly nosing the camHolly nosing the camThe awe of being in their presence strips away the chaos of thoughts and distractions that normally dominate your consciousness. They focus your attention on the moment. They flood your blood with adrenaline and endorphins. They introduce you to terror, awe, amazement and ecstasy. They connect you to the deepest pulses of life. This is their gift. The power to take your life, or to renew it; to re-create who you are, if only for a moment, and perhaps for a lifetime.”

Beauty Within The BeastBeauty Within The BeastSteve is Director of the Bear Viewing Association and has been researching and conserving bears since 1969. He estimates he’s had over 12,000 close encounters with brown (grizzly) bears and black bears. His books are a unique compilation of entertaining adventures, enlightening scientific knowledge, and wisdom about living in harmony with bears. They can be purchased through Steve’s website www.bear-viewing-in-alaska.info. All profits fund bear research and conservation. Beauty Within the Beast: Raising Orphaned Bear Cubs in the Alaskan Wilderness is the story of Steve’s early years as a bear biologist. It recounts this forward-thinking scientist’s experiences rearing orphaned cubs so they could fend for themselves and avoid conflicts with people. I’d especially recommend the second edition which has more and better photos.

Holly nosing at the cameraHolly nosing at the cameraDr. Stringham invited me to be part of a panel he is convening at the 24th International Conference on Bear Research and Management on June 12-16 at the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center