Behind the Scenes Tour - UPDATE January 8, 2015

Looking toward honey's denLooking toward honey's denAs we step out the back door of the Bear Center, we can see Honey’s wooden window den through the steps toward the far end of the building to the left. Then we look up the fence to the right and see the path to Ted, Lucky, and Holly’s dens.

Ted's denTed's denTed snuggled unseen toward the back of his chalet in the small enclosure Lily Fans helped build for Honey, who chose the window den, allowing Ted to claim her new enclosure for himself. In the wild, bears use different dens most winters, so Ted was not out of line, especially since Honey chose to re-use her old window den.

Lucky's denLucky's den from last yearAt Lucky’s den, we see no tracks , and on closer inspection don’t see Lucky, either. Lucky gathered in all the straw we gave him, and he might be buried in it like Holly was in this den last winter.

Holly's den (from behind)Holly's den (from behind)On to Holly, all we can see from the fence is her den cam tube covered with snow. Her den entrance is facing away from us.

The walk toward the densThe walk toward the densNot a peep or peek from any bear. We hope we can do better on any behind-the-scenes tours this summer.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

All photos taken today unless otherwise noted.