Lily and a Lily - UPDATE January 2, 2015

Wood Lily - June 7, 2012Wood Lily - June 7, 2012In this 54-second flashback to June 30, 2007, Lily couldn’t resist climbing this supple tree Some trees just beg to be climbed and explored. One of her brothers was also intrigued briefly but moved on after mom. Showing some of the flexibility in black bear thinking, Lily didn’t descend the usual way down the trunk, she found a shortcut.

Something about supple trees intrigues black bears as the Tamarack Play exhibit shows at the Bear Center.

In selecting pictures for the upper walls of the Northwoods Ecology Hall, I’m letting my personal bias toward the Wood Lily (Lilium phildelphicum) sway my judgment. I think it is the most spectacular native wild flower of this region. In the captions below these pictures, I want to give the photo location and date whenever possible. But for this rare flower, the location will remain secret.

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center