Anniversary – UPDATE January 23, 2014

Lily and Hope in den - March 17, 2010Lily and Hope in den - March 17, 2010Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the first wild bear birth ever witnessed to our knowledge.  We remember Hope and all that she did to bring people and countries together for bears.  A Lily Fan sent this video  This was made in January 2013.  Many of us have seen it before, but we thought it was worth viewing again.  It reminds us how much we have learned together.

Appropriately, on the anniversary Hope’s birth, we await the births of Juliet’s cubs.  Hopefully, Juliet will hold off until we can get the Den Cam working again.  

We wish we could be broadcasting the Den Cam to all the schools, scientists, grad students, Lily Fans, and anyone who wants to learn about nature.  We cannot see the harm in doing that.

A few nights ago, a Lily Fan asked on Facebook, “Is there a way we can all enjoy them?”  A Lily Fan answered that the broadcast is prevented by DNR restrictions.

And another said, “I do hope that sane minds will prevail [at the hearing] in February.  This sure is hindering the learning process for many, especially school children...the next generation.”

Much is happening behind the scenes.

Thank you for all you do.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center