Juliet and Educators – UPDTATE January 12, 2014

Juliet closeupJuliet up close and personal  Juliet was quite active again today, eating snow, rearranging bedding, and grooming like we have seen in recent days.  Like Lily last year, Juliet chewed sticks into fresh bedding material.  She also backed off the rear of the bed and seemed to urinate or defecate.  At one point, she waved a hind foot in the air as she apparently licked her vulva.  Without sound it’s difficult to know precisely what she was doing, but licking is likely.

JulietJuliet groomingThe sound issue needs to be resolved.  Sound is vital to accurately recording den behaviors.  The problem appears to be a faulty microphone cable, and hopefully a new one can be located tomorrow morning.  A tag-team of volunteers is ready and waiting to relay the new cable to WRI from Minneapolis if needed.  The push is on because we’ll get only one chance to record this labor and delivery!

In preparation for disseminating footage from Juliet’s Den Cam to educators, we have set up a signup form at http://www.bearstudy.org/website/teacher-survey.html.  We will notify those on this list once our distribution process has been established.

Thank you for all you do.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

All photos taken today unless otherwise noted.