Protection Against the Cold – UPDATE January 4, 2014

Honey in denHoney in den  More cold, dangerous cold, is on its way.  Governor Dayton cancelled school statewide for Monday because of it.  And the cold of this past week set some records in northeastern Minnesota cities, although none came close to the minus 60F record set February 2, 1996 for nearby Tower, MN.   The Babbitt-Embarrass Area was minus 47F, just 13 miles from the Bear Center and the same distance from the Research Center.  International Falls broke the record for January 2 by 5 degrees, registering minus 42F.

With more cold on the way (a warm +5F today), we’re glad the staff made changes to Honey’s window den and Ted’s chalet den this past summer.  Both now have 4 inches of insulation and a moisture barrier added to their floors.  The update of August 10, 2013, at shows Ted accepting his new chalet floor.  We plan to build the next chalet den with the same floor.  The insulated floor plus bales of straw means no Bear Center bear is sleeping on the actual ground as the wild bears do.   

This morning, Honey was sleeping with her face and most of her head buried, breathing 5.2 times per minute.  

At 2:44 PM, Holly was awake, lying more exposed than she was in the cold of recent days.  Five minutes later, a Lily Fan captured this video of her checking on her neighbor Lucky  It looked like a matter of fact check.  No slapping the wall.  No ill will.  A good start.

We learned today that the $11,200 Lily Fans gave for the Eveleth teddy bear auction will be transferred (minus Pay Pal fees) to the Bear Center for the Hope Learning Center on February 25.  Thank you again for that.

Thank you for all you do.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North America Bear Center

All photos taken today unless otherwise noted.