Aster Moves 3 Miles – UPDATE September 26, 2013 (revised)

Truck decorationTruck decoration  Aster left the two feeding sites she visited yesterday and moved nearly 3 miles overnight to another community feeding site within her territory.  All 6 of the GPS-equipped bears (all females) that are still active, are continuing their nocturnal activity patterns.  Of the 10 radio-collared bears alive on September 1 (beginning of hunting season), Dot was killed on September 12-13 and Juliet retired to a den on September 14, leaving June, Lily, Faith, Jewel, Ursula, and wounded Aster still broadcasting their GPS locations.  Fern and Star are radio-collared but do not have GPS units, so we don’t know their hourly locations.   We have to find those two by triangulating on their telemetry signals, like in the old days, which is more time-consuming than is possible at this time.

Busy at the Bear CenterBusy at the Bear CenterThe Bear Center was a joyful place this morning.  Everyone was working together making a lot happen on many projects.  Some were putting the snarling grizzly back in place.  Randy and Sharon Herrell took measurements for making the base platform for the moose.  Jim and Cindy Grey donated an emerging bear (and will get a tax write-off for the taxidermy and delivery).  Plans solidified for some future exhibits.  Others were lowering Honey’s wooden window den for better visibility for children.  

Honey's den gets loweredHoney's den gets loweredEnthusiastic bear fans Heinz and Stefan Miller from Switzerland played their very long Alpine Horns.  We knew the Millers were serious about bears when we saw a picture of their truck with bears and wolves painted all over it.  It’s no wonder they came to Ely, home of the North American Bear Center and the International Wolf Center.

Donated bear mountDonated bear mountOther Lily Fans were in Ely today, too, greeting us in the Bear Center, the local Subway restaurant, and on the street.  It was fun to be in town this morning.  The afternoon was writing in seclusion.

Alpine hornsAlpine hornsThe North American Bear Center has negotiated a special discounted rate of only $50 (regular price $159) for any of our members, supporters, followers and friends who would like to attend the International Wolf Symposium in Duluth, Minnesota, on Sunday, October 13th.  Leading biologists and researchers from around the world will be presenting - including Lynn Rogers.  Details and a chance to register are here IWC_Symposium_letter.pdf.  The North American Bear Center will receive 20% of registration fees from anyone who signs up through this link.

Thank you for all you are doing.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

All photos taken today unless otherwise noted.