Lily’s Den Shed is Up – UPDATE November 24, 2012

Lily's den shed - Nov 24, 2012Lily's den shed - Nov 24, 2012The technology team came through undaunted by the cold.  The day began with below zero temperatures that make it hard to use bare fingers.  The whole Technology Team made today’s work possible, but the four who braved the cold and carried the den shed walls to its forest location were Jim Stroner, Ted Parvu, Zdenek Mestenhauser, and Zdenek’s 18-year-old son Philip. 

Zdenek pulls sled full of batteries - Nov 24, 2012Zdenek pulls sled full of batteries - Nov 24, 2012Not all of these team members are familiar to Lily Fans.  Jim is a managing engineer for Digi International.  His job there is to solve problems, so it comes natural to him to do the same here.  Jim is more that a great photographer! Ted unpacks solar panels - Nov 24, 2012Ted unpacks solar panels - Nov 24, 2012Ted is a computer expert with long experience.  He applied that experience here last winter in maintaining the Den Cams out in the woods and setting up the Pond Cam and PTZ Cam at the Bear Center.  Zdenek was happy to be available for the install.  IBM usually has him flying around the world solving computer problems and setting up new systems.  Zdenek is new to the Team.  He and his son impressed the others with their quiet practical sense.  Zdenek is also helping turn Lynn’s lectures into PowerPoint Presentations for the Bear Center. 

Zdenek and Philip hook up batteries - Nov 24, 2012Zdenek and Philip hook up batteries - Nov 24, 2012
These people are part of what we mean when we say we are thankful for the talented volunteers who have stepped forward.  We hesitate to mention them by name because there are so many other volunteers helping in so many ways.  If you have talents you would like to share, please consider filling out the Volunteer Form at

Ted carries equipmentTed carries equipment - Nov 24, 2012Jewel’s Den Cam setup will be easier thanks to her nearby neighbor volunteering a building to house the Den Cam equipment.  No den shed to haul and piece together.

A change in the type of camera we will use necessitates an upgrade to some Den Cam components, so there will be a delay before we can install the cameras.  We’re excited to see the results of the new systems.   

Ted and Zdenek carry roof - Nov 24, 2012Ted and Zdenek carry roof - Nov 24, 2012At the Bear Center, ‘musical dens’ continues due in part to the construction.  Ted is back to sleeping in the window den.  His chalet den is vacant, but Honey apparently has not yet discovered that.  Lucky is still in his small cement bunker den full of the straw and leaves he has raked in for bedding.  Honey is currently bedded in the forest.

More construction is scheduled for Monday, including a trench for a septic line that will go past the window den and viewing windows.  We’ll secure the bears Sunday afternoon to be sure they are where they can feel safe away from the digging.  Ted will likely end up back in the Chalet Den, and Honey will end up in the large bunker den with its abundance of straw and leaves.  That’s probably where they will spend the winter.    

Thank you for all you do.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center