“I attended the black bear study course two years in a row, and it was an amazing experience. Thanks to Dr. Rogers and staff, we enjoyed lectures, field trips in bear habitat, exploring dens and learning about bear behavior, language, and the misconceptions people have concerning bears. Loved it all, and hope to return next year.”
Carol - Florida 2016

“I have spent the last year obsessively learning everything I can about black bears. Without a doubt, there is no better way to experience black bears on this planet than with the WRI field study course. Nothing can truly prepare you for this. Thank you Dr. Rogers :)”
Haneef A. - Winnipeg Canada 2016

“A thrilling adventure. Dr Lynn Rogers was a great leader and gave many excellent lectures about bear behavior, bear biology and about his other bear research. He joined us for all meals which were excellent. The participants had my same passion for bears. A lifetime of memories”.
Reed W. - Minnesota 2016

“It is said that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. I could hardly catch my breath between unforgettable moments during the Black Bear Study Course: the mournful cry of a cub calling for mom, the tenderness between mom and cubs that humans would do well to emulate, a huge bear fleeing up a tree to avoid conflict although he could easily win, the joy of life the bears showed with their playfulness, the bear’s intelligence and ingenuity as evidenced from their dens. I learned so much about black bears during the course, and I learned absolutely as much about life from the bears themselves. I am forever changed.”
Debra I. - Kentucky 2016

“From the moment you arrive you’ll see natural wild bear behavior (even from the sofa) nearly all day, every day. You’ll quickly be recognizing individual bears and seeing how they relate to each other, all whilst with likeminded bear enthusiasts in the Northwoods of Minnesota. A unique life changing experience!”
Becky and Mark - UK 2016

“I flew in from London, UK for the course and for my love of black bears. I didn’t expect to spend so much time in the company of male bears. They are absolutely amazing. And the cubs watching you from the tree, delightful. We were well looked after and I cannot thank Prof Lynn enough for sharing his work with us.
Brigitte S. - UK 2016

“ It’s impossible to condense this amazing experience to a few words – Dr. Rogers, the Bears, the forever friends made, an everlasting love for Ely, MN and the WRI. My life will never, ever be the same – and that is a good thing!”
Sherry L. - North Carolina 2016

“Lynn and I attended the Bear Course in mid Aug 2016. The course was excellent and met all of our expectations and much more. The interactions with the bears and other passionate bear people were great. The experience was once in a lifetime and one we will cherish forever. A truly great experience.”
Don and Lynn K. - Michigan 2016

"I was the last group in 2013 that really got to “walk” with the bears due to the court stuff going on. My heart and soul changed after my trip to Ely.  It’s hard to put into words how much I love all animals and being with those bears was like living a dream. It was a dream come true.  I loved the hiking to find them, just being in a small group of people, exploring all things in nature and learning from Doc was life moving.  I did not want to leave MN ever. I cried the whole trip back to the airport.

"Getting picked AGAIN for a 2014 course brought all those feelings back. I knew we would not be walking with the bears as the collars were being removed, so I did not know what to expect with this trip. Other than knowing the great food that Sharon would be making, and knowing I knew the ropes of what to expect with the drive and the field house, and that I wanted the second floor bedroom. However, the 2014 course surpassed the 2013 course.  Nothing in my entire life can compare to this year’s trip!"
Lisa B – Virginia 2013 and 2014

"The field course put a real life contact experience with the black bear and all the study I have been doing.  Lynn and Sue are so generous with their knowledge, thoughtful in their discussions, and so powerful a model of respect and purpose around the study bears.  That extends to the participants, as they each confront their own feelings, messages, and experience around these woodland mammals we live so closely with in MN.  I personally had to face these feelings in the course (quietly of course) and have a very different feeling now going into the wilderness.  I never went to sleep in my tent without a bit of fear. What we don't know leads to fear.  Isn't it so much easier to learn than fear?  I would encourage participation in this course if you want to face those fears.  Thank you, Lynn and Sue!  Also Sharon provided GREAT food."
Sarah E – Minnesota 2014