"The WRI Bear Course brought into meaningful sharp focus all I have been reading and learning from the nightly emails. It is an outstanding learning experience which I have been sharing with friends and relatives. I am still on my 'bear high' and wish to return to learn more. Dr. Rogers has a wealth of knowledge and I can't wait for him to write his book."
Janet - Arizona 2017

"I attended my fifth (5th) black bear study course on Aug. 6 - 9, 2017. I also attended this course with Mildred Long (also her fifth (5th)) black bear study course on the same dates. For me, each course, including this 2017 course, has always provided me with some information about black bears that I have not previously heard or learned about. Dr. Rogers' slide presentations and lectures always present me with new information and learning about black bears. Each time we have attended a black bear course, Mike Johnson has guided us, with the wealth of knowledge that Mike has, to some much more of a black bear encounter experience. I look forward to attending many more courses in the future."
Terri, Virginia 2017

"This course was one of the greatest and memorable things I have ever done. Such a joy to be around bear minded people. I was in my happy place, wonderful stress relief. I plan to come back in a couple of years."
Sue - Oregon 2017

"I had been on the road for more than 24 hours when I finally rolled up to the Wildlife Institute and I was exhausted. However, I was re-energized when I was greeted by Burt, Lori and Dr. Rogers. I wasn't even checked in and I'd already met my first bear!!! The experiences only got more and more amazing. The short road trips to see more bears and bear dens were so much fun and great learning experiences. But the best learning experiences happened when Dr. Rogers taught us about his beloved bears and when the bears themselves allowed us to learn directly from them. To tell you about the experience is impossible because anything I said would not do the experience justice. It's something you have to experience bear to person. Would I say it was life changing?? Absolutely!!! It has me rethinking my retirement years and looking for real estate in Ely. Oh, and did I mention the FOOD!!! Wonderful and there was a lot of it. If you plan on doing this I recommend you go on a diet unless you can use extra pounds. I can't wait to go back next year."
Marcia - Ohio 2017

"The experience of my life started 5 minutes after I arrived at the WRI! A yearling came out of the woods and stepped up onto the decking and I was invited to touch her. Tears rolled down my face as my fingers felt the fur beneath them and I looked into her eyes. This was the start of 4 amazing days spending time with the bears and Dr. Rogers. I saw many bears over those days and each one filled me with awe and respect for these magnificent creatures. This course changed my life and I can't wait to attend again!"
June and Peter - UK 2017

"I loved, loved the course. The experience was unbelievable. Whenever I recall my unique experience with bears and nature, a feeling of peace enters my soul."
Vicki - Ohio 2017

"Attending a Bear Study Course is every bit as life-changing as people said it would be. What a thrill to meet and actually get to know the bears who emerge from the forest to eat at the WRI as they go about bulking up for hibernation. Attendees are eager to learn, and we do--not only from Dr. Rogers and the researchers, but from the bears themselves. Bears are great instructors! I have attended three courses now and each time I am sad when we have to leave. But how wonderful it is to go home and begin again to do my own educating and tell my own stories about these noble and truly lovely creatures. That's my testimonial in a tiny hazelnut!"
Anne - Maine 2017

We humans fear what we don’t understand and tend to destroy what we fear. Now I better understand what I was told to fear. I had excellent and compassionate instructors; Colleen, RC, Ursula, Lily, V-Dot, Jack and Tiny Tim. They taught me trust, gentleness, and true friendship displayed between Ursula and Dr. Rodgers. Thanks to my wife for booking this adventure. Life changing, we will be back. Dr. Rodgers, thank you for all you do. Best regards - Have a great winter season - See you next August."
Jack - Wisconsin 2017

"I attended the black bear field study course in late July 2017 and it was an amazing experience -- one I will never, ever forget. The course and everything surrounding it was awesome! Dr. Rogers and Mike were so generous and accommodating with their time, always willing to share their knowledge and answer questions, as were the entire staff at the NABC, from Judy Thon and Sharon Herrell to the interns. (Alex was great!) The interaction with the bears and other folks who shared our passion for these beautiful and oft-misunderstood creatures was something I never thought I would have the privilege to experience. I can't imagine a better way to learn about black bears than by taking this course. I only wish more people could experience what I did. I'd like to thank all the wonderful folks at the WRI, NABC and the town of Ely. You were wonderful hosts, and I hope to one day return to Ely!"
Kathy - Connecticut 2017

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my two black bear field courses at the WRI and would highly recommend the course to anyone who has an interest in learning about bears. It has been such a privilege to learn directly from these magnificent animals in a beautiful setting. The highlights for me were learning about their behavior and ways in which they communicate with each other. I also loved learning about their different personalities. I never tired of watching them just being bears e.g., cubs playing and climbing trees and mothers interacting with their cubs. It was also wonderful to be among such knowledgeable educators and enthusiastic participants who are also passionate about bears. The food was great too!”
Rena - Ireland 2016