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Newspaper Coverage

Newspaper Coverage of WRI (updated through 2000) excluding Minnesota newspapers:

  • Back Country View (insert in Twin Ports People). February 2000. The Bearman: Wildlife Research Biologist Lynn Rogers. Pages 9 (cover) and 11.
  • Wausau Daily Herald. February 13, 1992. Pages 1A, 1C, 3C. Author: Jim Lee.  Headline: Walking with bears.
  • London Observer Magazine. January 5, 1992. Cover, pages 25-30. Author: Richard Askwith. Photographer: Bob Sacha. Headline: Travel ’92: Masterclass Holidays With The Experts. Myths Laid Bare. Through the trackless pines of northern Minnesota, Richard Askwith follows the bear.
  • The Milwaukee Journal. Wisconsin Magazine. December 1, 1991. Cover and pages 1, 6-14. Author: Paul G. Hayes. Photographer: Robert W. Baldwin. Headline: Getting to know you: Up-close research on black bears.
  • MidAmerica Farmer Grower. October 31, 1991. Pages 1, 15, 25.  Headline: USDA researcher follows in black bear’s footsteps—literally.
  • Wall Street Journal. September 26, 1991. Pages 1 and A12. Author: David Stipp.  Headline: Few Bears Have A Human Following As Big As Gerry’s. She Even Gets an Entourage During Hunting Season; A Biologist Explains Why.
  • The Sunday Star-Ledger (West Orange, New Jersey). July 7, 1991. Page 44. Author: Lois Stevenson. Headline: Foraging bears pose little threat to humans.
  • Marquette Mining Journal (Michigan). February 10, 1991. Page 1C. Author: Richard P. Smith. Headline: Officers learn about handling black bears that are a problem.
  • The Muskegon Chronicle (Michigan). September 1, 1990. Pages 1C, 3C. Author: Howard Meyerson. Headline: Most fear of bears isn’t warranted.
  • Grand Rapids Press (Michigan). August 11, 1990. Pages D1, D2. Author: Howard Meyerson. Headline: Keeping bears at bay takes aggression.
  • Montana Parade. July 11, 1991. 1D. Author: Bert Lindler.  Headline: Bear with me: Researcher lives, learns in woods.
  • Marquette Mining Journal (Michigan). September 30, 1990. Author: Richard P. Smith.  Headline: Meeting bear on trail was unforgettable.
  • The Baltimore Sun (Maryland). May 29, 1990. Pages 1A, 8A. Author: Doug Struck. Headline: Call of the wild: Biologist finds bond with black bear.
  • Wausau Daily Herald (Wisconsin). May 17, 1990. Page 1C. Author: Jim Lee.  Headline: Hand in paw: Biologist walks alongside black bears.
  • New York Times. August 12, 1986. Page 22. Author: Jane Brody. Headline: Benign View of Black Bears.

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