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Wilson, Edward O. 1975. Sociobiology.  Harvard University Press.  697 pages.  The section entitled "The Black Bear (Ursus americanus)" on page 502 summarizes Lynn Rogers' findings about black bear social organization. Page 504 states: "As in Lynn Rogers' black bears, Iain Douglas-Hamilton's elephants, and Jane van Lawick-Goodall's chimpanzees, a new level of resolution has been attained, in which free-ranging individuals were tracked from birth through socialization, parturition, and death, and their idiosyncrasies and personal alliances recorded in clinical detail."

Hoagland, Edward. 1975. Red wolves and black bears. Chapter 4: "Bears, bears, bears." Pages 29-69. Random House, Inc., New York and Toronto. Reprinted in Hoagland, Edward. 1979. The Edward Hoagland Reader. Chapter 21: "Bears, bears, bears." Pages 321-361. Vintage Books, New York. The chapter profiles black bears, Lynn Rogers, and the first four years of Rogers' bear research in Minnesota.

Pettifer, J. 1981. Nature Watch. Chapter 7: "Lynn Rogers: No picnic for Teddy Bears." Pages 104-119. Michael Joseph, Ltd., London.  208 pages.  Chapter 7 details Rogers' bear research and deer research, including his walking and sleeping with free-ranging deer that became accustomed to his presence.

Ford, Barbara. 1981. Black bear: spirit of the wilderness. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston.   This general book on black bears cites Rogers' research results on pages 15, 33-34, 76-77, 81-82, 102-105, and 120.

McGuire, R. 1983. Black Bears: a technical and hunting guidebook.
Bowhunting Productions. Johnson City, Tennessee.  Author McGuire dedicated the book to Rogers and cited his research results throughout, interpreting encounters from the bear's perspective and avoiding the hype that often is associated with hunting stories.   54 pictures illustrate Rogers' research activities and findings.

Herrero, S. 1985. Bear Attacks: their causes and avoidance. Nick Lyons Books, New York. Winchester Press, Piscataway, NJ.  Author Herrero cites Rogers' research results on pages 102, 142, 146, 152, 154, 159, 168, 171, 175, 194, 197, 209, 222, 223, and 237.

Bauer, Erwin A. 1985. Bear in their World. Outdoor Life Books. New York.  254 pages.   Chapter 7: Conservation and the Future: The Rogers Studies, pages 218-220, summarize Rogers' bear research activities.

Cramond, Mike. 1986. Of Bears and Man. University of Oklahoma Press.
Norman, OK, and London, England. 433 pages.  Chapter 1: The Black Bear Man, pages 15-60, relates Rogers' research experiences and results.  Additional references to Rogers' findings are on pages 9, 70, 91, 140, 259-260.

Chepko-Sade, B.D., and Z. T. Halpin (editors). 1987. Mammalian Dispersal Patterns. University of Chicago Press. 342 pages.  Rogers wrote chapter 5, pages 75-84, entitled "Factors influencing dispersal in black bears."

Pringle, Laurence. 1989. Bearman: exploring the world of black bears. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. 42 pages.  The book is a biography of Rogers, featuring his black bear research,  with photos by Rogers.

Fair, Jeff.  1990.  The Great American Bear.  NorthWord Press.  Minocqua, WI.  192 pages.  The preface by Rogers summarizes how his attitude toward black bears improved as he learned about them.   Chapters 1, 3, 8, and 10 focus on Rogers' research results.  Edited by Rogers, the book accurately portrays black bear behavior and includes 157 photographs by Rogers.

Henricksson, John (editor). 1991. North Writers: a strong woods collection.
University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis and London.  292 pages. Rogers wrote essay number 12, pages 98-102, "Foster families found for orphaned cubs."

Baker, Robin R. (editor).  1991.  Fantastic journeys: the marvels of animal migration.
Weldon Owen Publishing, Sidney, Australia. 240 pages. Rogers wrote the section on Cross-country migrations by bears and other carnivores, pages 184-193.

Karpfinger, Beth, and Lynn Rogers. 1992. The wonder of black bears. Gareth Stevens Publishing Co., Milwaukee, WI.  48 pages.  The book focuses on Rogers' research results and fosters good attitudes toward black bears.

Fair, Jeff. 1992. Black bear magic for kids. Gareth Stevens Publishing, 1555 N. River Center Drive, Suite 201, Milwaukee, WI 53212.  48 pages.The book focuses on Rogers' research results and fosters good attitudes toward black bears.

Stirling, Ian (editor). 1993. Bears: majestic creatures of the wild. Rodale Press. Emmaus, PA, and Weldon Owen Pty Ltd, Australia. 240 pages. Rogers wrote "Bear Navigation," pages 78-79, and "Studying Habituated Black Bears," pages 210-211.

Lynch, Wayne. 1993. Bears: monarchs of the wilderness.  Greystone Books. Vancouver, BC.   242 pages.  Rogers' research is cited on pages 20, 25, 54-56, 58, 68, 84, 86, 88, 97, 143, 145, 153, 174-5, 190, and 194.

Anderson, Joan, and George Ancona. 1993. Earthkeepers. Harcourt Brace & Co., Orlando. 96 pages. Chapter 3, pages 66-93, profiles Rogers and describes a week in his research during August 1991, fostering good attitudes toward black bears.


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