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Help Bears by Setting up a Lecture in Your Area

"Black Bears: Dispelling the Myths" a multimedia presentation by Dr. Lynn Rogers


This 50-minute multi-media presentation (plus questions) explores our fears and replaces misconceptions with facts. It grabs the attention of young and old and is a must for anyone wondering about coexistence and safety. People say, "This changed my life. I can finally enjoy living and hiking in black bear country!"

Rogers uses video, sound recordings, and stunning slides to instill a new appreciation of black bears. His 39 years of close-up ongoing research penetrates the barriers that separate humans from bears and has redefined this misunderstood animal. Using trust instead of tranquilizers, he places radio-collars on wild bears and walks and rests beside them for 24 hours at a time, recording their lives in clinical detail. His fast-moving presentation includes his best discoveries about black bear family life, social organization, travel, diet, physiology, hibernation, intelligence, special adaptations, and relations with people. Learn about behaviors that look aggressive but are actually expressions of fear. Learn how black bears evolved alongside powerful predators (now extinct) to become the timid animals of today. Contrast black bear and grizzly bear behavior. Learn how to respond to rare attacks using new insights into black bear behavior. Fee: $4,000 to the Wildlife Research Institute plus travel expenses.

Package: Have Rogers come for three days and make several presentations, adapting the presentation to each audience. For example, he can do one or two public lectures, one or two school lectures, a couple radio and TV talk shows, newspaper interviews, and talk with officials and/or groups about local bear issues. Package Fee: $7,000 to the Wildlife Research Institute plus travel expenses.

Get help: Call 218-365-4480 for helpful materials and tips on setting up lectures, finding funding, and doing promotion. Maximize attendance at lectures plus educate large audiences through the media by having Rogers do radio and newspaper interviews by telephone before his arrival. Photos for newspapers and flyers can be downloaded from the Media Page at www.bearstudy.org. Video clips, sounds, sample flyers, and sample newspaper articles are also available. Click here for background information on Lynn Rogers.  For additional information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 218-365-4480.

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