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  • Sharon’s Bear News, Valentine, and Chloe - UPDATE June 13, 2021

    Out the window, Valentine provided an excellent opportunity for an ID picture, showing her blaze ...
  • Lily is Back! - UPDATE June 12, 2021

    The call I’ve been waiting for came in—a bear that looks like Lily. It was! She is her same old s...
  • Spanky. Turtle Eggs, Cicadas, Tent Caterpillars - UPDATE June 11, 2021

    Spanky with female After being absent from the area for a couple weeks, Spanky showed up yesterd...
  • Donna, Chloe, Names, Maureen - UPDATE June 9, 2021

    LincolnAfter a great day celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary, Donna and I are at the WRI cat...
  • Chloe, Lucy, and Families - UPDATE June 8, 2021  

    Lucy and 2 male cubs Chloes 2 male cubs   Chloe came by with her two male cub...
  • Bear News by Sharon Herrell - UPDATE June 6, 2021

    June 6, 2021- Bear News Taking a stroll with Ted and fresh cedar mulch. Bear weights: Ted - 585...

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