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Blossoms, Bears, Birds of Beauty, and a Booboo - UPDATE May 20, 2023


Neighbors are sending me pictures of blossoms—lowbush blueberry and juneberry (a.k.a. serviceberry) that I believe are late enough to avoid a late frost.

 JuneberryJuneberry  BlueberryBlueberry

Among the bears appearing lately is 5-year-old Adam who is back to eating grass now that some of the large-leaved aster leaves are getting past the edible stage. He is rapidly growing back the hair he lost overwinter to mange and will probably look sleek and handsome by the time the courses start in July.

Bear eating grassBear eating grass

The bear with its mouth open wide taking a big bite of grass is the bear I confused as the possible mother of the unknown yearling that visits. He is an unknown male, maybe two years old, who was thoroughly trusted by the yearling. That behavior also fits because young bears often buddy-up at this time of year, although I haven’t seen these two hanging out.

 GoldfinchGoldfinch  Purple finchPurple finch  Rose breasted grosbeakRose-breasted grosbeak

A few goldfinches are back and in full mating plumage like this brilliant male, while purple finches and rose-breasted grosbeaks are adding color of their own.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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