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Someone I’ll Miss and Watchful Eyes - UPDATE February 22, 2023

V-Dot by Neala Schleuning

Someone I’ll miss is Neala Schleuning who has been a regular in the Black Bear Field Courses for years but had to cancel a month and a half ago because of cancer and passed away this morning.

On her Facebook page, she had this picture, saying “His name is V-dot. He has a blaze that is a v and a dot on his chest” and “I go up to Ely MN to be with wild bears for a couple of days. It's an amazing experience being up close and intimate with these wonderful beings.” Someone responded, “Wow! You're a brave woman.” Neala wrote, “Naah! They're just big sweeties!”

Pileated woodpecker femalePileated woodpecker female RavenRaven

Out the window, when the fox and Bob Cat don’t come during the night, meat is left in the usual spot and then disappears during the day when I’m not looking. In the last couple days, two visitors became suspects. This raven swooped in close several times and sheered away when he saw me at my desk by the window. He almost hovered to grab the meat without landing once but again shied away. Then another bird became a suspect. This female pileated woodpecker approached, hesitated when she saw me, and showed a moment of unusual bravery by landing briefly to sweep away several inches of fresh snow with her beak in the exact spot where the meat usually is. Eyes of the Night put out a big pile this evening to see what action it gets overnight. I hope she gets a picture or two.

Beaver lodgeBeaver lodge

The beaver lodge across the little lake shows the smooth, fresh snow.

Looking forward to seeing what the security camera catches through the night and learning who partakes of the meat.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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