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Deer, a Bird, and a Mystery Solved - UPDATE February 11, 2023


First, the mystery. For the last two nights, the raw chicken and pork I put out on the second floor deck has been gone with no video of who took it. Lorie checked again. She looked where a deer was looking, and there was Bob Cat, sitting quietly blending in at the far end of the camera view.DeerDeer

Now, just as I finished writing that sentence, I looked up at the pile of treats for tonight and was a bit startled to see Bob Cat’s motionless face watching me six feet away. DeerDeerI moved slowly to click the camera, but he disappeared in a direction that makes me think he’s been climbing a tree instead of coming up the steps. It’s 7:30 PM.

Deer have been here a lot eating shelled (meaning no shells) peanuts and nibbling vegetation at the edge of the forest.

A flock of 25 goldfinches flew in for the sunflower seed hearts, and one of them posed nicely on top of a snow mound to show its winter plumage, which I appreciated. I wish Bob Cat would come back. I have the lights out inside and the camera aimed, but I guess it will be awhile, and I have to go home where the grandkids are making things about as wild as Bob Cat.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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