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Memories of Two Special Bears that Touched Our Hearts - UPDATE February 7, 2023

Deer near Beaver Lodge

Watching this 8 ½-minute video of our beloved Ted’s fifteen years at the North American Bear Center made me think again how lucky we were to have him among us as an ambassador. He had a heart that touched hearts—he did ours. He will never be forgotten.

And on this 13th anniversary of 16-day-old Hope snuggled into Lily’s fur making a debut of sorts when the ambient temperature was 10°F, the person who sent this to me yesterday describes it best, saying:

“This is great and MANY of us 'new fans' at that time stayed up VERY LATE watching Hope going up and down in Lily's fur for 3 1/2 hrs!!!! We were mesmerized and so excited!!"

Linda did a terrific job of putting it into this 6 minute video for us to 'relive' over and over!! It’s The Case of the Sinking Cub (Starring Lily and her little girl) 2/7/10

Out the window, looking across Woods Lake at deer near the beaver lodge, it was a mild day up around freezing.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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