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The Gray Fox Visited Plus a New Bird - UPDATE January 28, 2023

Female Pine Grosbeak

The gray fox was caught on the security camera last night and it followed our trail of raw chicken up a couple steps. I wish I could show the video but it disappears in 24 hours. Tonight, we’re ready again with a trail up the steps, hoping it will start appearing out the window by my desk where we can get pictures like I did with Bob Cat and the red fox that I’d also like to see.

Male Pine GrosbeakMale Pine Grosbeak Male Pine GrosbeakMale Pine Grosbeak

A new treat today was a group of pine grosbeaks that gave a couple shots in the sun. For most of their visit, though, they lived up to their name by eating white pine seeds in the tippy top of a white pine where they were hard to see. I hope these beautiful birds keep coming. One reason is so I can better understand what I’m seeing for a bill on one of the birds. The bill of the one in the snow looks more like a nose than a bill. We’ll see if they solve the mystery tomorrow.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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