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Ted’s Birthday plus a Nutty Breakfast with Seeds for Some - UPDATE January 17, 2023

Blue jays

It’s January 17, which means I can’t help remembering Sweet Ted. The picture here by Donna Andrews is from when he was 15 back in 2012. Ted relaxing - by D.Andrews 2012Ted relaxing
- D. Andrews 2012
I like this memory of him sitting calm and content in his chalet happy to have human contact and showing some of his calm, friendly personality that won him so many friends. We miss him.

Red-breasted nuthatchRed-breasted nuthatchDaytime action out the window the last few days has been birds coming for the nutty breakfast with seeds for some. Nighttime action has been Bob the Cat and the new gray fox that don’t get to have their pictures taken since they come in the middle of the night showing only as small blips on the security cameras. Last night, I left a drumstick and a piece of pork for Bob. This morning the drumstick was gone and the pork was still there. I left the pork for the crows and ravens and they ate the pork I was thawing for Bob. I put out a raw drumstick each night, which he almost always takes in the middle of the night, leaving me wishing he would let me see him by day like he used to.

Chickadee w/seed Chickadee Chickadee
Black-capped chickadee

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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