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All is Well, Pixie, and a Spirit Bear in Michigan - UPDATE September 17, 2022


With no shots heard on this third weekend when the bear hunting slows down, it seems that all is well with a half hour to go until hunting hours are over. 7-year-old Pixie (daughter of Donna) and her cubs stopped by, but I only got a picture of Pixie.

A few days ago, I got a call from reporter Sheri McWhirter that a Spirit Bear was spotted for the first time ever in my home state of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. All the words she said brought back memories.


Kermode bear in pool rainforest - file photoKermode bear in pool
- WRI file photo -
Kermode catching salmonKermode catching salmon
- WRI file photo -

Spirit Bear reminded me of September 19, 2003 when I saw my first spirit bears (Kermode Bears) fishing in pretty pools in British Columbia (photos). It also reminded me of Pat Surface of Spiritwood Music meeting bears here and creating a popular song ‘Makwa Manido Spirit Bear’  that I like.

I remember being thankful when someone donated something as rare as a white mounted bear to the Bear Center so people could see how they look. Upper Peninsula reminded me of vacations as a teenager and being sniffed from foot to face in the dark by a black bear before it moved on to tip over a garbage can—my first encounter with a wild bear.

Blue jayBlue jay

A blue jay added color out the window as it shared bear nuts without asking.

When one of the volunteers left yesterday, he said the WRI is his favorite place in the world. Others have said that, too, and this has become my favorite place, too, besides home and the Bear Center.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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