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Shadow, Loon Chicks, Eaglet, Summer Fox - UPDATE August 2, 2022


The greatest excitement with the group today was seeing Shadow coming through the woods all bright-eyed. No one has seen her since July 7 when the berries came on strong. Today, a scat from another bear showed a shift from blueberries to wild sarsaparilla berries as is usual. With the amazing blueberry crop and chokecherries coming on, the bears will have plenty to switch back to when the sarsaparilla berries wane.

Loon with chicks Loon offering fish to chick

On the pontoon ride, we saw that the loon chicks are growing fast, which they need to do after having what I believe is a late start. One of the parents offered a chick a bluegill that looked to me too big for it to eat. The chick ignored it. After a bit the parent swallowed it.

Bald eaglet Red Fox

At the bald eagle nest, the eaglet was out on a branch for the first time we’ve seen.

Along the way, a fox in its new summer coat ran by looking lean.

At the hummingbird feeder outside my window, I have never seen so many vying for access—the most I counted at once was 11. I can’t explain it except that I believe the new fledglings have joined the adults.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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