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Lily Update Plus Gentle Jack - UPDATE July 27, 2022

Lily and 2 of her cubs

Another check of the trail cam and Lily was on it again on July 20. The update is that the camera now caught three cubs. Lily’s first litter was one (Hope) at 3, then Faith and Jason at 4, Ellie and Eli at 6, and then bigger numbers, 3 at 8, 3 at 10, 4 at 12, skipped a litter at 14, and now at least 3 at 15. I would like to see her in person. The cubs look like they are growing fast on wild food. I have not heard of anyone seeing her yet, showing her strong preference for what is out there. We’re also surprised at how few bears we are seeing here at the WRI.

Lily's 3 cubs

Today Lincoln stopped by and we gave him a choice of his favorite nuts or black cherries. He went crazy for the cherries, ignoring the nuts. Surprised. Still learning, but not generalizing too far because bears differ.One-eyed Jack

Jack stopped by too. It’s always good to see gentle Jack. I wanted a picture at this age, guessing 23-25, but he is so calm that he ignores me if he is busy. I made a ssshhing noise. He didn’t look. I tried other sounds. He knew it was just me. Finally he did look but looked a little strained. I like it anyway. I know how he is.

A good day.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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