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Sharon’s Bear News, Lucy, Chloe, Pixie, and Dandelions - UPDATE June 9, 2022

Shadow, the matriarch

Sharon’s Bear News this week has nine good pictures taken by staff that include all four bears and a lot of information. https://bear.org/bear-news-june-6-2022

PixiePixieAt the WRI, as a follow-up on the previous ‘confused’ update, 7-year-old Lucy (daughter of Samantha) was still with her yearlings Desi and Arnie as of 5 AM this morning when 4-year-old Chloe (daughter of RC) came by with her mate (?), 2-year-old Flynn son of Jewel. Lucy ran him off as she does when she is with her cubs or yearlings. But then Chloe (protecting her young mate?) chased Lucy and then went off with her friend Flynn.

35-year-old Shadow gave me the best look at her I’ve had this year.

7-year-old Pixie (daughter of Donna) is with two cubs that we still haven’t seen well enough to determine their sexes.

Mallard by dandelionsMallard by dandelionsDandelions, a favorite food of both deer and bears, are in blossom. I was too slow to get a picture of a deer eating them yesterday, so I wanted to at least get a picture of the dandelions. When this mallard duck settled down near them, I didn’t know if it was coincidence or he wanted to be included. Either way, he is in.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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