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Spanky, and a Raven - UPDATE May 2, 2022

SpankySpankySpanky paid a visit today and was immediately recognizable by his light muzzle, bulbous forehead, and jerky walk.

SpankySpankyLast night, the visitors were three playful 2-year-old males that have buddied up. One was Flynn, son of Jewel. Another was Dustin, son of Pixie, and the third was a bear who knew the program but had no blaze, so we’ll have check photos to learn his identity.

A couple days ago, a raven landed in the kind of light that showed off his feathers perfectly and in a position that showed two features that separate ravens from crows—RavenRaventhe longer, thicker beak and the longer wedge-shaped tail compared to the fan-shaped tail of crows. When they fly, the have another difference. Crows make little noise with their wings, but ravens make a swishing noise that is easily heard.

Dustin and Flynn are here.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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