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Fox, Bobcat, and Ted - UPDATE January 19, 2022

Ted by Sandy RathborneTed by Sandy RathborneWill Pretty Girl and the bobcat coexist? Pretty Girl was here throughout the morning and early afternoon. Then, as I drove out the driveway at about 2 PM, the bobcat ran ahead of me. The bobcat was here yet (or again) leaping off the driveway as I drove in at 4:40 PM. Now, a little after 8 PM, Pretty Girl came when called. She is about the same as ever except for frequent looks toward the driveway. Encouraging.

On Ted’s 25th birthday on January 17th this nice picture was circulating. It was taken by photographer Sandy Rathborne on July 27, 2011. That was when Ted was 14 and did not have the many white hairs on his forehead and forequarters. Sandy captured Ted’s focused look as he eats grapes from the back of his paw.

PS: A new wrinkle now at 9:04 PM. There are now two foxes. Is the new one a male or is it a competitor in Pretty Girl’s home area. They chase each other, and I think it was Pretty Girl that was doing the chasing. We’ll see.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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