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Fun with Fox and Family - UPDATE December 30, 2021

Colleen and foxColleen and foxThis morning, I thought I saw the fox come out of the car port. My daughter Colleen, with her curious mind, looked into the garage soon after everyone arrived. She and the family saw the fox sleeping comfortably there out of the snow. Colleen said “Come foxy woxy." The fox looked up, stood up, stretched, and came out. It was snack time. Colleen and Nick took pictures of Heinrik and Gabrielle seeing how close the fox would come. She (the fox) was hesitant about the new situation at first but learned to trust. The fox seems to view this spot as a safe area. The whole scenario was fun for me to watch and was intriguing for them—and maybe for the fox.

Heinrik with fox and GabrielleHeinrik with fox and GabrielleI’m looking forward to what might happen in the coming year. Around here, red foxes mate in February and have pups some 52 days later in late March or April. They often use woodchuck holes for raising their 5 to 10 pups, and we have woodchuck holes here sitting empty. No woodchucks this past year. I’d like to see baby foxes (kits) emerge and develop. They nurse for about 10 weeks, which would take them into June or early July. They become independent at about seven months, which would be October or November. It’s possible we’ll see how foxes and bears get along.

We’re crossing our fingers.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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