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Paperwork, Ted, and the Fox - UPDATE December 29, 2021

Red fox "Pretty Girl"Red fox "Pretty Girl"On this day of paperwork, good news about Ted and seeing the fox were highlights of the day.

This morning, Scott told me the veterinarians said Ted was doing very well with no infection and everything healed. Let’s go, Ted Bear.

The fox was the other highlight. I’m not the only one excited by her visits. A neighbor maybe a quarter or half mile away, dotes on her visits, too, and calls if she doesn’t show up for a few days. People are calling her “Pretty Girl.” Tonight, she looked dazzling as she came to the window to let me know it was time for action. I went to the door. She met me there briefly before tearing away after a red squirrel. She didn’t have a chance, though. The squirrels watch the fox and eat close enough to a tree that they can easily retreat to safety. Still the fox is intrigued and has caught one that I know of. She pays more attention to them than to me and what I am offering. Finally, though, she gently took my offering, sat down, and ate it on the spot. Every day is a good day.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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