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Ted and Give to the Max Day - UPDATE November 17, 2021

Give to the Max DayGive to the Max Day - November 18

I don’t think Ted could have seen your outpouring of thanks to his Number One Keeper, Sharon Herrell on the Lily the Black Bear Facebook page last night and today, but today Ted seemed to be saying “I second that” with the whoots and tongue clicks he made to all three of the people who visited him today: Sharon Herrell, Spencer Peter, and Carolyn Quick.

I’m also taking those happy words as a sign he is feeling better.

In addition to that, you have already gotten the Bear Center halfway to its $40,000 goal with your early Give to the Max Day giving. Amazing! And Ted will benefit from that.

The fun starts tonight at 11:30 PM with a broadcast by Scott Edgett from the Bear Center. Donna and I get to join in at 8 AM as tomorrow’s broadcasts start. The broadcasts will continue all day into the evening. Donna and I get to share the joy again in the 7 PM broadcast.

Here’s the link for more information and where to donate, hopefully to put us over the top! https://www.givemn.org/organization/Bears

And please don’t forget the Wildlife Research Institute at https://www.givemn.org/organization/Wri

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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