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Dedication and Passion - UPDATE November 16, 2021

Sharon prepares Ted's foodSharon prepares Ted's foodSharon Herrell, the NABC Curator of Bears, is both dedicated and passionate about bears and has shown that since she began working to create the North American Bear Center and care for its bears since it opened in May 2007.

Yesterday, I asked what her days were as she helps Ted recover from dental surgery. She said, “I worry about Ted. I feed him. I worry about Ted some more and feed and care for him again. Simple as that sounds, it’s more complicated than usual. With Ted’s mouth recovering from surgery, he needs soft foods and has special meds. Sharon grinds up his pills with a pestle and mortar, grinds his foods in a blender, and mixes them in his bowl. But Ted is not always ready to eat this nutrition that he needs to heal. He is probably worn out from the surgery as well as slowing down for winter. He would try to eat them lying on his side, but that risks the food going down the wrong pipe. Sharon is patient and knows better than anyone how to work with Ted. Ted eventually complies. She has 14 years experience with Ted, and they know each other well. Sharon does whatever is needed for him.

Sharon with TedSharon with Ted Sharon gets Ted up to eatGetting Ted to eat

We are very lucky to have Sharon as part of the excellent team that leads the North American Bear Center.

Thank you all for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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