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Ted Is Okay and On His Way Back - UPDATE November 12, 2021

Ted in his den 12-16-20Ted in his den 12-16-20

The word is that all went well. From what I’ve heard, the team removed the roots of his four canines that broke off shortly after his arrival back in 2007. They also extracted two other teeth. We’ll eventually get a report that tells all. No one other than our/his veterinarian was able to go into the hospital with him due to Covid restrictions.

They started back with him about 5:30 PM and are predicted to be at the Bear Center by 11 PM where they will place his cage in front of the open door to his familiar pen, open the cage door, and see Ted enter his pen and go to his chalet for the night. I’ve heard only good about his situation and trust that the doctors are doing what they are noted for being tops in their field. I requested pictures to put in subsequent updates. Thanks for all your prayers and support. I’m anticipating the best for him. My thoughts for the past 30 hours have been about what he is experiencing and how he feels about it and hoping the valium he received has kept him calm. He was sedated, of course, during the dental work itself. I’m guessing he is missing his comfy, familiar chalet. I look forward to seeing him there.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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