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Ted - UPDATE November 11, 2021

Ted and cageTed eyeing the cageAs we made preparations for Ted’s trip to St. Paul and back, he showed the trust and love of people that makes people love him. He created memories today that I will treasure forever.

To begin his trip, he had to walk from his chalet into the travel cage. It was all new. Ted did not know what we were trying to do and what he was supposed to do, so he backed into his chalet and lay down.

Sharon and I knelt down. We put our heads close to his and gave him treats. He showed he was happy to have our company by making his sweet, trusting grunts, lying comfortably on his side as he took treats and touched noses with us. He ignored what was happening behind us as people carried the cage closer. He was happy for closeness with people he has bonded with now for over 14 years.

Then, from behind us, we heard, “Now get out of the way.” Sharon and I moved to each side as the team set the cage tight against the front of Ted’s chalet. Ted calmly stood up, looked at the inside of the cage, and unexplainably walked into it. The team lowered the sliding door.Ted on bobcatTed on bobcat

As we pushed and jostled the cage out of his pen and onto the forks of a bobcat, Ted stayed calm with Sharon and I talking to him and giving him treats. Ted kept his head right by us as we walked beside the cage as the bobcat drove him to the U-Haul trailer that will carry him to St. Paul sometime after midnight. He showed no distress, breathing normally and showing his trust in humans he knows. We were all happy how things went. The enclosed trailer will give him a quiet ride to his 8:30 AM appointment with world-renowned specialists in large animal dental care. Zoos have flown many animals to them from across the nation—a beluga whale, a giraffe, etc.

David Stewart, a New Jersey friend of Ted, sent this message:

“It is time for all bear lovers to say a prayer for our beloved Ted. Lord, we ask you to watch over Ted as he makes the journey to and from Ely to his dental work in Minneapolis. We pray all will be under your watchful eyes and hands, and all will end well. Protect all those who will accompany him on his journey. Guide the hands of the doctors who will administer to his needs. He is so loved by the thousands who have followed him these past 13 years, and we ask all who love him to join in prayers for Ted. Amen.“

Thank you, Dave. You speak for many of us.Ted and groupTed and group

Here at the WRI, Dexter and the fox arrived just now at 7:25 PM on this rainy day with temperatures just above freezing.

Armistice Day which began as the day to remember the many who died or were injured in World War One that ended on or about the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 has continued as a memory for all veterans. As part of that I also remember my adopted father who served on a submarine in WWI and my biological father who shot down 5 enemy planes as a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain. My adopted father survived WWI. My biological father died at the age of 26 when his plane crashed in WWII.

Thank you for your prayers and supportive comments.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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