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Ted’s Teeth and Tasha’s Raking - UPDATE November 10, 2021


Ted has been developing dental problems that we have treated with drugs as prescribed by our veterinarian, but now it is serious enough to take additional measures. Many professionals have stepped up to take Ted to the University of Minnesota’s Large Animal Hospital for treatment by world expert doctors. We did a 24-minute broadcast about it that a mod captured Live from the NABC - 11/10/21. 

Director Scott Edgett wrote the following:


Ted, our beloved 24-year-old bear, is in need of dental work. He will be transported to the University of Minnesota’s Large Animal Hospital where specialists in large mammal dentistry can evaluate and treat his decaying teeth. Ted’s local veterinarian has been treating him for an abscessed tooth and feels he needs further treatment and a thorough dental exam which can only be done in a controlled medical environment. He is scheduled for an exam and treatment on November 12. He will be transported to Minneapolis on Thursday afternoon (November 11th). Ted’s local vet will accompany him to Minneapolis and will be part of the treatment team. We expect it to be a same day visit and we will have Ted back in Ely later in the day. Please note, Ted’s cam will be down while we are loading and unloading him in the bear cage for transport.

As you can imagine, transporting an almost 700-pound bear four hours one way is no easy task. Many people from around the state have stepped up to help and arrange for transportation. We want to thank the Minnesota Zoo; they have loaned their large animal transport cage to us so we can safely transport Ted. We also want to thank volunteers who are making the 8-hour round trip to pick up the cage and will be helping with his transportation and returning the cage back to Minneapolis.

Ted is an important member of our North American Bear Center family and a fan favorite. We will do everything possible for Ted and ensure that he gets all the medical treatment needed.

We will do our best to keep everyone updated on his progress. Thank you for your support

Scott Edgett
Sr. Director, North American Bear Center

We are confident that the team of experts have thought of everything. They specialize in this kind of dental work. Still, we will be relieved when all is done successfully and Ted is back in his familiar pen for a more comfortable life with less medicine.

On another note, a mod captured this excellent 6-minute music video of Tasha doing what wild bears do this time of year—raking up bedding for her long winter’s nap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeOKUT9Yj1c. She is raking up vegetation that will serve as insulation and a space for her to exhale into and inhale from as she sleeps with her head tucked under her chest to preserve the heat and moisture of her breath. Bears accomplish this by various methods, showing ingenuity as they deal with the materials available.

Here at the WRI, yearling Dexter showed up at 6:26 PM. It is 40°F and windy with bad weather forecast for later tonight and tomorrow. Will that convince him to den up, or will we get to see him again?

All the best to Ted for the next couple days of travel and a couple root canals or extractions, depending on what the doctors find.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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