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Photos of the Days - UPDATE July 16, 2021

Sunset at WRI by C. PaulsonSunset at WRI by C. Paulson

On the last several evenings, the sun showed red from local fires that are burning, making a beautiful background for sunset pictures of young bears peacefully resting in trees at the WRI. The pictures are by Shari Caruso and Cathy Paulson

On the 15th, Cathy also got a picture of 24-year-old Ted nicely posing at the North American Bear Center.

ColleenColleen WRI Sunset CarusoWRI Sunset by S. Caruso Ted by C. PaulsonTed by C. Paulson

Meanwhile, excited phone calls came in to the WRI about sightings of 21-year-old Donna with two cubs. That means she did not catch up with 22-year-old RC’s 29 cubs but can be proud that she has now produced 28 cubs.

Another point of excitement was sightings of another old-timer, Colleen. In her 19 years, she has produced 18 cubs and is likely pregnant with her eighth litter. Colleen is easily identified by the distinctive notch in her right ear.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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